The Phone With A Highest Resolution Thermal Camera - AGM Glory G1S First Look

The Phone With A Highest Resolution Thermal Camera - AGM Glory G1S First Look

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Apr. 28, 2022 The newly released rugged smartphone AGM Glory G1S is a smartphone with a highest resolution thermal camera from the phone company AGM Mobile.

With a lighter body of 315 grams, AGM Glory G1S has a high resolution thermal camera 256 x 192 pixels, and 25 FPS refresh rate. G1S also equips Qualcomm's Snapdragon 480 5G, fluent and fast, making it one of the most rugged phones worldwide. With 256x192 pixels resolution, G1S has become one of the most advanced professional and clearest thermal imaging smartphones. And the other one is AGM Glory with the same thermal camera. Compared to traditional thermal imager companies, AGM this time challenged to break the boundaries between professional thermal imager and portable smartphone.

To provide more choices for AGM’s followers and thermal imaging lovers, AGM lighters G1S’s weight to make the products more convenient when recording thermal imaging. With the fast 5G connection and bluetooth, users could share the thermal photos or videos directly after testing. “Just like the transition between iPhone and iPod. iPod is a great music player, but the iPhone is a better iPod.” Austin, AGM Co-founder “Today, we are replacing heavy and inconvenient thermal imagers with a better phone, a phone that has all the advanced thermal imaging technologies. Grab it, tap it, and you have it.”

About AGM

AGM is a pioneer of outdoor mobile devices. In 2011, AGM launched the first-ever rugged smartphone, Rock V5, and started serving outdoor enthusiasts and workers. Later in 2018, AGM released the best performing rugged smartphone AGM X3. Now, AGM launched the G-series and is making a brave attempt to explore more possibilities in the rugged phone industry.

PR Contact

Samantha Liu, Head of North America PR Manager, AGM Mobile

  1. Best Mobile Thermal Camera with “256x192 Resolution”, “25 FPS Frame Rate”
  2. AGM Glory G1S Is Lighter than AGM Glory Pro
  3. Qualcomm Snapdragon 480
  4. 5G Frequency Bands
  5. 8GB Ram + 128GB Rom, expandable to 512GB
  6. Sony 48MP Main Camera
  7. Sony 20MP Infrared Night Camera
  8. Android 11
  9. 5500mAh Long Lasting Battery