Greetings to the guys from AMG, I am from sunny (sarcasm) Yakutia, Nyurba

The story of turning off the phone in our region is not news, so let's say, I personally have tried a bunch of different companies of smartphone models until now I have not met the one who would have met my expectations straight, so I saw your phone on the YouTube channel of my countryman "Oles Petrovich".

At the moment, I use a smartphone from Xiaomi in the cold after 5-10 minutes, if the floor of the screen starts to flicker, and then the accumulator starts to drop to 0%, and then a complete failure only if it is thoroughly warmed during in the inner pocket for half an hour, then it will only work and such phone shutdowns happen everywhere and always, whether it's hunting, at home, on the street, even when photographing under the Christmas tree, it's not possible to tell exactly one story about this.

And I would also like to add off-topic, but I saw on your device there is a thermal imager, a rangefinder, frost resistance, it would all help me at work, i.e. as I myself work in the fire department, a phone with a thermal imager and does not.

I'm a hunter. Not a pro, but I love it and try to get into the woods whenever possible. My old Lenovo smartphone is about five years old. So when I'm on the grounds, I always send the point (coordinates) to my wife, just in case. On that day, the thermometer dropped to

-20 degrees Celsius. I took my husky, put on a backpack, a gun, and our camouflage in the car, and we set off. The field greeted us with fabulous beauty.

The trees were coating snow velvet and sparkling under the sun. The snowball crunched merrily underfoot. Naturally, I took out my smartphone to take off this beauty.

However, it took only one photo before the screen blinked out. So I thought, how would our heroes cope with this? I put it in

my shirt pocket closer to my body to warm it up. Half an hour later, I got it! Oh! Great!

It revived!

I got some more photos and ...the screen went black again.

In general, I made a couple more pictures according to this scheme, and my Lenovo refused to wake up. When the sun told me it was evening, I heated my car and gadgets.

I was finally able to call my loved ones again. In the end, everything ended well. Well, It was upsetting when I walked back into my memories. We lost all the communication, and what if there was a car breakdown or something? Today, everyone who was missing left the apartment without a phone.

That's the story.

Thanks for your attention.

The tale of How did a cold smartphone fail me in the "rescue operation"?

To begin with, I'll tell you about my current phone for the sake of fairness. I have a Samsung J7 model year 2016, bought in 2018 specifically for working in a taxi. The seller recommended it as one of the most suitable at that time. He worked hard accordingly(navigation, geolocation, Internet) and constantly charged, affected its battery life.

On the paper, it was a 3300 mAh lithium battery.

Video playback time? Up to 22 hours.

Network operation? Up to 11/14/15 hours (3G/4G/Wi-Fi).

Naturally, at the time of history, the battery was no longer holding up to its glorious past. Then a year later, I broke the screen, but I never changed it. I was not clear how it would affect me, but you never know.

It happened on February 14, 2021. I can easily recall the date because it was Valentine's story. I was a member of the volunteer community of free assistance on the roads and off-road. On Sunday, an application for passenger car evacuation in the suburbs of Kazan fell into our "alarming" chat. I live on the nearest outskirts, so I accepted and enforced my mission.

It turned out that a young guy decided to arrange a romantic picnic for his girlfriend in a field next to the radar that serves the airfield of our local aircraft factory. The idea was great, a barbecue, kebabs and bombers, fighters, and other missile carriers flying overhead. The guy acted reasonably, and he even checked the field the previous day.

However, on the next day, the weather changed – a sharp cold snap to -20 degrees celsius, and he could not get there to prepare everything on the spot.

I drove to the place, met the applicant, and went to look at the stuck car. I couldn't get to him in my vehicle because of the front wheel that went down very badly at the wrong time. I had to call for the help of a teammate on a four-wheel-drive Kia Mojave. First, they pulled out my car because it blocked the exit on the only road.

The rescuing process was delayed because of the snow captivity. As I said, the frost was getting stronger, and the sun was setting while the wind was rising. All this has never helped our business. Meanwhile, my smartphone warmed up a little in my pocket and allowed me to take some pictures of the evacuation results - three beautiful cars and drivers standing against the airfield radar. But for some reason (perhaps because of the dead battery) these photos have not been sent. It was very disappointing and annoying to waste so much effort for nothing. We missed the opportunity to tell our teammates about it picturesquely by providing photos and videos. However, especially for the sake of a good story and to meet the conditions of the competition, I rolled into this place and tried to take beautiful photos. In the photos, I am wearing a black jacket. The background is field and radar.

The applicant then told us that all these troubles (the breakdown, of course) disturbed his big day. The evacuation took about 2 hours. With all the winds running through frosty fingers, maybe it was a bad idea to have a lovely barbeque and kebabs when the field was closed to -20 degrees celsius, even under the warmest clothes.