AGM Glory | 5G Unlocked Rugged Smartphone
AGM Glory | 5G Unlocked Rugged Smartphone
AGM Glory | 5G Unlocked Rugged Smartphone
AGM Glory | 5G Unlocked Rugged Smartphone
AGM Glory | 5G Unlocked Rugged Smartphone
AGM Glory | 5G Unlocked Rugged Smartphone

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AGM Glory | 5G Unlocked Rugged Smartphone

Sale price$799.00 CAD

Qualcomm 5G | 6200 mAh Arctic Battery | IR Night Vision | IP68/IP69K/810H | 110 dB Speaker | Dual-Torch Module | 6.53inch FHD+ Display | Dual Frequency GNSS | Android 11|

Model:Glory (8GB+256GB)
Accessories:Without Charging Dock

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【One Day Power Under -27°C】
Stay connected for a day without worrying about shutdown under -27°C thanks to a 6200mAh cold resistant battery. Up to 22 hours usage under -27°C.

【Visualize the Heat : Industrial Top Thermal Camera】
Best phone thermal imaging you can find, 2x the resolution and 1/2 of the reaction time than the best phone thermal imaging in the market.
Merasures all objects within 5 meters
Industrial Mode accuracy: ±2.0°C,
Ranging from rather -20°C ~ 150°C, or 100°C ~ 550°C.

【Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 Octa-Core Processor 5G】
4-series's first 8 nm process chipset,supporting SA and NSA modes. TDD, FDD, and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing(DSS) for unbeatable flexibility and accessibility.

【33mm 3.5W 110dB Speaker】
The world's largest and loudest smartphone speaker, you will have no chance to ignore any phone calls, but you should warn your friends in advance, or they would think it as some earthquake alarm.

【IP68/IP69k/MIL-STD-810H certified】
AGM Glory is rugged, drop proof, dust proof, and water proof. It withstands drop from up to 1.5m on concrete and survives under 1.5m of water for 30 minutes.

【Global Version Unlocked Phone】
Compatible with GSM carriers, and Lyca Mobile. Not compatible with Consumer Cellular, Cricket, Verizon, etc.

【Quad Rear Cameras with Infrared LEDs】
Sony 48MP Camera + Industrial top thermal camera +20MP Infrared Night +16MP Front + 2MP Macro Camera.

【6.53-inch LCD FHD+ Screen】
6.53-inch LCD screen, FHD+, 2340*1080 resolution with floating framing, gorgeous and tough. The 10-point multitouch panel eliminates any conflicts for you.

【Latest Android 11 OS Glory SE 8G+128G /Glory 8G+256G / Glory PRO 8G+256G Storage】
Run the latest Android 11 OS for a smoothest performance. Glory SE 8GB of RAM, Up to 128GB / Glory SE 8GB of RAM, Up to 256GB/ Glory PRO 8G+256G Storage of internal memory, expandable up to 512GB via microSD (not included).

【Other Features】
Wireless Charging, Wi-FI, Bluetooth V 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, OTG, NFC, Multiple Sensors,TYPE-C, QC 3.0, Dual Mic Noise Reduction. Compatible with charging dock (It need to buy separately.)

The magical

Arctic Battery

6200mAh Cold Resistant Battery,
22 Hours Usage under -27°C
10 Hours Usage under -30°C
1 Hour Usage under -40°C

Coldness may leave a blush on my face,but it will never chill my bones.
Heat Protection System

With the redesigned structure, Glory will prevent heat evacuation under cold environments.
All generated heat will be delivered across the components,boosting the cold resistance of the inner structure.

AGM Battery Activation

The vitality of any lithium battery will decay under extreme coldness.
With the AGM Battery Activation Solution,Glory's Lithium battery will remain vital under -27°C.
Proven by the Thermal Shock Test, AGM Glory is also adaptive to 60°C and other tough situations.

The toughest

Reinforced Frame

Designed for the toughest situation,
You will never know, as a spaceship model, you might see me on NASA news one day.

Floating Frame

The screen is 0.3mm below the frame, spreads the impact to a larger area.


Bind the girds and fill up the gaps, using the AGM ball-grid-array Underfill technology.

Bayer soft Rubber-Plug

Minimize the chance of any water and dust invasion.

Bite Pattern

Uneven surface with bite pattern design, increasing friction and avoid dropping from grip.


The exterior frame is extra tough, because it has 10% weaved-in fiberglass.

Continuous Track

Steadily spreads the pressure to a larger area by the Soft rubber continuous track, reducing the shock by 63%.

With all above, AGM Glory is IP68,IP69K,MIL-STD-810H, and only one step away from bulletproof.

The anti-scratch

Diamond Screen

6.53-inch LCD screen,
FHD+, 2340*1080 resolution
With floating framing, I'm as gorgeous and tough,
Just like a diamond.

Diamond Screen

We reduce 78% of impact by making the screen 0.3mm floating below the edge. Touch, glide and drag at will. The 10-point multitouch panel eliminates any conflicts for you.

The multi-functional

Imaging System

Sony 48MP camera,macro lens, Night vision, thermal imaging.You name it, I got it.

The Glory imaging system will help you look beyond the scope, and always tells you what hides beneath the surface. To ensure your safety under different environments, the system identifies dangers before it happens. The Sony 48MP main camera will collect what you see into an AI-enhanced photo. The thermal imaging camera pictures an object's heat radiation. and visualizes the temperature difference between objects. The night vision camera captures objects' infrared reflections,presents vivid greyscale details of objects under no visible light. The macro camera will stage the world around you in a more detailed way.

48MP Sony Camera
Thermal Imaging Camera

Flash light for Glory SE, Glory

Flash Light
F2.4 Macro Camera
Infrared LEDs
IR Night Vision Camera

Flash light for Glory SE

Sony IMX582 6p lens

48MP, f/l.79,1/2.0"" CMOS

Check out my specs, no doubt your pictures are masterpieces. Your photos will now be more than solid.

Light The Darkness

20MP Infrared Night Vision Camera

Captures black and white images with better greyscale presentation under complete darkness.
30 meters visibility, satisfying most night shooting scenario.

The powerful

Dual-Torch Module

The powerful dual-torch module on the top,
120 lumens
multiple times brighter than the usual mobile flash light.
Light up the night, even when the darkest time.

120 lumens

The flexible

Snapdragon 480

Multi-gigabit 5G connectivity with unbeatable flexibility and accessibility.
Not the best in the city, but the best under minus forty degree.

Flexible and Practical

Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G

4-series first 8nm process chipset,supporting SA and NSA modes,TDD, FDD, and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing(DSS) for unbeatable flexibility and accessibility.

Antutu Result

Don’t underestimate this chipset,The Snapdragon480 on Glory runs a 337817 points on Antutu and even the best performing AGM X3 with The Snapdragon 845 runs a 291097 points.

The magnificent


The world’s largest and loudest smartphone speaker, you will have no chance to ignore any phone calls.

33mm, 3.5W, 110dB

Being the world's largest and loudest smartphone speaker without undermining the sound quality. AGM has proved more than once, our smart power amplifier will present every audio frequency equally. Glory will ease up all your worries about sound.

The accurate

Dual-channel Positioning

Dual-channel Positioning
Locate from the satellite.
That's how AGM first find me.

Spot Your Spot

Dual-channel Positioning

Glory uses dual-channel positioning to locate itself from the satellite,giving the user a fast and accurate position with an error of 5 meters.

The smoothest

Original Android 11

Latest Android 11,for smoothest experience.

Forgot to mention our

Other Functions

It’s time for you to

Choose Your Glory