How 25 Frames Per Second Make the Thermal Imaging Cinema Grade

How 25 Frames Per Second Make the Thermal Imaging Cinema Grade

Every time when you walk into a cinema, you will always see moving images instead of still pictures. However, what if we slow movies down? Will they still look continuous?

Two hundred years ago, a British scientist from the royal institution P. M. Roget discovered the phenomenon of visual persistence. When you look at a spinning wheel, the iron structures made a the movement seem still. Every image received by the human eyes will stop in the neural system for around 0.1 - 0.4 second.

Later, filmmakers discovered if we see through many continuous images within a short time, the image starts moving. That comes films we all love today. Early filmmakers also discovered a magical number, 24.

If we play these images at a minimum of 24 within a second, the image starts to move. This is how cartoons were made. Early cartoonists drew 24 movements of a cartoon character and spin these these pictures in a wheel real fast. Audiences just needed to wait for a few seconds until miracle happened. The character became animated, and it seemed alive.

What does it mean to us, to the Glory Pro, or to Glory G1s Thermal imager?The thermal imager has a frame rate of 25hz, meaning the imager takes 25 pictures or measurements every second if you shoot a video.

However, the thermal imager is not pleasure video device, but a professional inspection device. 25 Hz for professionals means every sensor measures the heat 25 times a second, giving a more accurate real-time inspection.

A quick reacting thermal imager will help you understand the circumstances quickly. It also follows your movements. if the frame rate is too low, the image will not follow the movement.

Because some part of your movement may not be captured by the sensors.

Higher Frame rate also means accuracy. think about it. The thermal imager has more than forty thousand sensors, and they all measures 25 times every second. It means the imager will send more than a million data for analysis.

The concept of frame rate means different things in thermal imaging and videographies. But it is nothing bad to have an imager with higher frame rate.