Hunting White Rabbit when Snow, a Glory Pro User Story.

Hunting White Rabbit when Snow, a Glory Pro User Story.

Rabbits are wild delicacies for many hunters, but it does not come easy. The species’ mastery in escape often left hunters nothing but some leftover rabbit hair. However, one man thinks otherwise. Norton, a British crossbow hunter, managed to make rabbit hunting much easier with his Glory Pro.

“I was originally looking at the Glory SE, but I always wanted an infrared night vision camera. Then I saw the Glory Pro.” Said Norton.

The price tag of Glory Pro is not a cheap expense in Norton’s budget. People around him question his choice, but Norton’s thought prevails. He needs a tough phone at work to deal with the harsh environment every day. Ordinary phones would not survive the drops and dust, so a rugged phone is the only choice.

“I don’t use the thermal imaging and infrared camera at work……but I always wanted one.” Even saying so, the Glory Pro still serves his life after work. Norton is a hunter who specialized in crossbow, and the thermal imager and infrared night vision camera served well in his other life.

In winter, snow shelters the land. It is the perfect natural camouflage for white rabbits, making them extremely difficult to catch. When the problem gets complicated, Glory Pro seems to be the solution. The temperature in winter is often -17 °C, where phones barely survive. The coldness dysfunctions many LCD screens and decays the vitality of lithium-ion. Glory was designed to survive the cold; its tightness and the cold-resistant battery showed a great performance against the cold.

While everyone else was stretching their eyes trying to see the rabbit, the infrared night vision camera and the thermal imaging camera killed the game. The white rabbit appeared red under the thermal imager’s iron filter, and the snow was blue. Norton even bought an infrared torch to enhance the infrared night vision experience.

In the end, Norton shared a picture of a mask made of his own. Placing the Glory Pro at the front, you will have new goggles.

“People questioned the price tag, but a night vision goggle on its own costs around 400 to 500 pounds. I need a new phone, so that’s not much of a choice.”