Hunting White Rabbit when Snow, Glory Pro User Story


Rabbits are wild delicacies for many hunters, but it does not come easy. The species’ mastery in escape often left hunters nothing but some leftover rabbit hair. However, one man thinks otherwise. Norton, a British crossbow hunter, managed to make rabbit hunting much easier with his Glory Pro. Learn more>>



AGM Glory G1S | Thermal Imaging Frame Rate | Behind the AGM


Both AGM Glory and AGM Gory G1S have 25 frame rate fast thermal Imaging. Looking for a powerful rugged thermal imaging phone? Product manager Clark will explain why both thermal imagers are so good in this episode of Behind the AGM.



How 25 Frames Per Second Make the Thermal Imaging Cinema Grade


Every time when you walk into a cinema, you will always see moving images instead of still pictures. However, what if we slow movies down? Will they still look continuous? Learn more>>



AGM Glory G1S | Official Unboxing


AGM Glory G1S has a high resolution thermal camera 256 x 192 pixels, and 25 FPS refresh rate, which also equips Qualcomm's Snapdragon 480 5G, fluent and fast, making it one of the most rugged phones worldwide.



Thermal Imaging: Why does every thermal imager have low resolutions.


When looking a photo, it is usually seamless. However, that’s not true. I believe everyone knows that fact that, if you magnify a photo lots of times, it eventually becomes blurry. What once clear became color blocks, and objects seem indistinguishable. There is usually a limit until you see the color blocks. Such limit is the photo’s resolution.Learn more>>